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Recent Research on Recommender Systems in TEL

The first presentation this year was given at the Learning Network seminar series at CELSTEC. Special guest was Wolfgang Reinhardt from the University of Paderborn who provided his view on data science in relation to awareness improvement for knowledge workers. The dataTEL presentation is based on the ECTEL10 but it also includes the latest developments on TEL recommender after the dataTEL System Marketplace at the RecSysTEL workshop what was a point of change in the research community. In the presentation below I show some of the changes and the new developments. Surprisingly, we had a very controversial discussion, more controversial than at the ECTEL conference.

I sum up the comments shortly:

  • The collected datasets are far to small to conduct proper information retrieval on it.
  • But maybe they present the majority of datasets that are available in education so we have to adjust our techniques.

  • Not all of the datasets are related to learning, esp. Mendeley.
  • Yes, that is correct but why should we limit our self as it is already quite a challenge to get a datasets.

  • The privacy protection right will stay so we will never have the opportunity to use the student data from a LMS like Blackboard for further analysis.
  • But we could ask the students if they agree to give us there data for research purposes and be very explicit what we want to do with it. European Schoolnet did the same with the users of the eTwinning project.


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